Boomer systems are seismic reflection profiling equipment that operate in the 700 to 2000 Hz region. They are a great companion for the chirp channels in our HD SBP system. Running a boomer in parallel with higher frequency chirp channels enables multi-frequency survey affording both high resolution and deep penetration.

Boomers are well suited for lakes and coastal waters down to a few hundred meters depth when sub-bottom penetration requirements can not be met with higher frequency systems.

Boomer in operation

Boomer in operation

Boomer systems

Meridata offers complete boomer-based sub-bottom profiling solutions.

Our boomer systems support adjustable energy levels and also operation on relatively small boats with limited electrical resources. The optimized system configurations are always well tuned for the performance needed.

Meridata supplies fully integrated systems for boomer sub-bottom profiling survey. A typical scope of delivery includes:

Boomer seismic reflection profile from shallow water
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