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Meridata High-definition Sub-bottom profiler

Chirp sub-bottom profiler topside
                equipment. Shown are low frequency chirp and high
                frequency chirp sub-bottom profiles, along with chirp
                sub-bottom profiler system hardware.

Meridata's chirp sub-bottom profilers are characterised by their ability of good penetration, ultimate resolution and excellent image clarity in portraying sediment structures.

The Meridata HD SBP includes one or two simultaneous wide band chirp channels. Each channel supports transducers with frequencies anywhere between 2 and 50 kHz. A dual channel configuration allows the lower frequency channel to maximize penetration while the higher frequency channel optimizes layer resolution.

For extreme penetration in hard sediments, the system includes coordinated shot control and hydrophone streamer signal acquisition for boomer, sparker or airgun sources, enabling single-pass surveys without fear of interference between the acoustic systems.

Suitable system configurations are available for operations in shallow inland water to full ocean depth.

20-50 kHz UHF Chirp transducer

The ultimate layer resolution of better than 3 cm in densely varved fine sediments can be obtained using the 20-50 kHz UHF Chirp transducer.

10-20 kHz HF Chirp transducer

A balanced performer positioned between the other two frequency bands, combining a layer resolution better than 10 cm and improved penetration.

2-9 kHz LF Chirp transducer

The best penetration can be obtained using the 2-9 kHz LF Chirp transducer. Layer resolution is better than 20 cm. These transducers are also available in array configurations for extended range operation down to several kilometers depth.

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